By. Glenda Palma
I hear your voice say to me every night,
“My love is yours and forever you are mine”
As I write this to you, I can not help but cry
For me you had to pay a very high price
You paid much more then what I am truly worth
Your love is true
Your love has seen me through
Where do I begin?
There has been many nights  of demons awaken within
My own evil desires the cause of my many sins
How many times have I cried out for forgiveness and you have always listened
You have not let go, even though my spiritual growth has been slow
 Why do you even stay? Why don’t you just walk away?
I don’t deserve such kindness,
I’m sinful and you are Righteous,
Your are full of compassion and mercy
You my friend will never try to hurt me
But, my Lord, how many times have I  hurt thee?
What do you see in me?
In all honesty, I can see no reason for you to love me
For you to chase my love relentlessly
 I am not as forgiving as you
I am not as compassionate as you
I am not as merciful as you
I am nothing like you, as hard as I try, I fail
My dear friend your love in my life has truly prevailed
Throughout this journey, your hands have held me tight
I have heard your voice whispering gently, “everything is going to be alright
The night will soon be over just hold onto to my light”
How can I not cry, when I have someone like you in my life?
Thank you Jesus for your healing stripes
Scarlet is the color of my sin,
but it’s that same color that washes away my  mistakes
The  blood of Jesus, is the one that takes the sin of the world away
Your peace transcends my understanding
You came and rescued my soul
Behold, you are doing something new!
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I
Lead me to the one who gives me life
His name is worthy of all praise
I rejoice with the ones who say,
“let us go to the house of the Lord today”
I have a dance!
For the Lord has made this lowly spirit glad
He has bestowed a crown of glory, and has written a new chapter for my life’s story
Oh my Jesus!
My dearest friend, you didn’t let my past be my end
You didn’t let it determine my future
Here I lay down in your sweet pasture
You restore my soul
Thank you once again my Lord
Thank you for saving me from the darkness of this world…
My love your are mine and I will forever be yours.

Love Of His Life©
By. Glenda Palma
“Isaiah 53”
He has a story, one of redemption for His Love
His love betrayed Him and conceived with sin
These two gave birth to death
For Him to redeem His love, death was inevitable for Him to escape
Wood became His resting place before His last breath
His heart hemorrhaging within
Pierced below the rib, water overflowed
There was no more life within
Death received Him, but could not keep Him
He arose with scars and all
Yet to His dismay, His love still walks away
For His love, there is no beauty to desire of Him
This love is full with superficial desires,
Oh, what deception to live in!
I must ask this to His Love
Will you stay with Him today?
Will you embrace His scars, will you kiss His broken arms?
Or will you walk away?
Will you continue to ignore such kind eyes? …
I am the Love of His life, this is for sure
But old soul is He mine?

Isaiah 53

Fruto del Espíritu©
Por. Glenda Palma
Donde hay Amor,
No habrá nada que no podremos superar juntos
Donde hay Gozo,
Habrá regocijo; ¡regocijémonos juntos!
Donde hay Paz,
Habrá descanso, descansemos juntos en Él
Donde hay Paciencia,
Habrá perduración; perduremos juntos
Donde hay Benignidad,
Habrá compasión; tengamos compasión para todos
Donde hay Bondad,
Hallaremos misericordia; concedamos esa misma misericordia que hemos recibido para todos
Donde hay Fe,
No importa lo que intente confundirnos,
Tendremos la certeza en qué y en quién hemos creído que es el verdadero,
Y nada nos moverá de nuestra convicción
Donde hay Mansedumbre,
Nuestras palabras serán apacibles para tener cuidado que sanen el alma y que no la destruyan
Donde hay Templanza,
Tendremos la fuerza de voluntad para comportarnos de manera modesta
Donde reside el Espíritu de Jesús,
Allí es a donde poseeremos Su Fruto.
Soy una persona que todavía le falta obtener la plenitud del fruto del Espíritu de Dios, pero se que estoy en un proceso para obtenerlo con la ayuda del Altísimo.
Gal. 5:22-23

Fruit of The Spirit©
By. Glenda Palma
Where there is Love,
There is nothing that we can not overcome together
Where there is Joy,
There is a sound of praise; let us praise together!
Where there is Peace,
We have rest; let us find rest in Him together
Where there is Patience,
We have the ability to endure; let us endure together
Where there is Kindness,
There is warmth; let us feel it together
Where there is Goodness,
We do what is always right no matter the cause or the lost
Where there is Faith,
We have the confidence in what and whom we believe in is true no matter what tries to confuse us
Where there is Gentleness,
We are prudent with our words to make sure they heal and not destroy
Where there is Self-control,
We have the willpower to restrain and conduct ourselves in a modestly manner
Where the Spirit of Jesus resides,
There is where we will possess His fruit.
I am a person who still lacks the fullness of the fruit of the Spirit of God, but I know I am in a process to obtain it with His help.
Gal. 5:22-23.

Mount Zion
“Brought Back From Captivity”©
By Glenda Palma
I take refuge in Mount Zion
I was redeemed by the one who speaks words that penetrate you deeper than the sharpest sword ever made of iron
The battle ground is always very intense
I am surrounded by many dear family members and friends
Our adversary is trying to bring us down
If we are not careful, he can catch us without even making a sound
He goes looking for those who dwell in Mount Zion
He is eager to tear us down like a hungry Lion
He lurks around secret places, searching for his next prey
He distracts many soldiers with his cunningness and takes them away
Even some of the strongest fall victim to his sly ways
He comes like a thief in the middle of the night
He destroys, steals, and kills with much delight
If he makes us fall, we become his prize
Once fallen our mind becomes darkened
We become his prisioners and puppets
Therefore we must take heed, and in our prayer life we must never cease
We are the redeemed of the Almighty and Powerful God
Each day we must resist our desires of our flesh and carry our cross
If we take heed to our salvation, on the day of our temptation we will not give in
We must remember it is death we conceive when we fall into sin
God brought us back from our captivity in Babylon,
To dwell in the safety of Mount Zion
In this glorious mount is where our songs and praises will always sound
Its here where He gathers the lame, the outcasts, the afflicted
All together our downcast heads are lifted
We have been made into a strong nation by the Father of all creation
Therefore, I say once again let us take heed to this great Salvation!
He is our Shelter, our Protector, our Defender
He will dwell with those who put in Him their trust forever
His roar is heard strong out of Zion
He is the reason we no longer weep and sing songs required by our captors by the rivers of Babylon
Therefore let us never forget,
How one day on the cross, Jesus brought us back from captivity to the safety of Mount Zion

May I Dance With You?©
By Glenda Palma
You called me many times,
You asked me to dance with you through the cold nights
But I was not interested; I preferred dancing with my sinfulness
The music eventually came to an end; and there I stood with my sin
The feeling of guilt and a great amount of emptiness burrowed deep within
The aftermath of this dance was a broken soul and a torn heart
I wish I could have chosen to dance with you instead from the very start
All alone on the dance floor
With the same feeling of shame as many dances before
The room filled with darkness, with my hands in my pockets
I kneeled down not knowing where to run to next
This was the moment I could hear gentle footsteps
 A song started to play, and the feeling of being afraid went away
I could hear a voice filled with kindness and see a light with soo much brightness
 This light was coming my way, it reached out to me
I had no words to say, my tears streaming down my cheeks
It was God’s presence setting me free
The only thing I could ask Him was, “why would you still want me?”
All He responded was, “Please would you dance with me?”
Memories started coming back to me from when I was a little girl
I remember how God was my entire world
We would dance to the same song that was now playing
With His eternal arms He would cover me when it would start raining
But sometimes even underneath the rain we would both dance the night away
He held me that night as all I could do was cry, and say I was sorry
He whispered into my ear and told me about the past not to worry
All had been forgiven when on the cross His life He had given
His quest for me was relentless; He brought beauty to my life when it was in such a mess, He is the only thing in my life that always makes sense
Everything in my life may go wrong, but like that Chinese proverb says, “A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song”
I will always dance and sing together with my King
I don’t have all the answers, but I will always have a song to sing to my Master
Scarlet was the colour of my sin
But Jesus my King made it as white as snow
And on my head a crown He bestow
Now I am the one who comes to my Jesus, my friend who is true
And asks Him,
“May I dance with you?”

The Pinch of the Needle©
By Glenda Palma
The walls all painted white, my face and eyes very tired, I wished I had a better sleep that previous night
As I waited in the chair, while a needle was being prepared
My life partner by my side, we both felt as if we could fly
There was such peace in our lives
Even with the lack of sleep the peace of God we could both breathe
A young lady walked my way and asked me my name
It was finally my turn to extend my arm and have blood with drawn
We left the clinic,
After a couple of hours and minutes, my phone started ringing
It was a nurse, who notified my that I had to return
They received my results, and needed to see me immediately to consult
Here we go again, on our way with my husband
They brought us in a room and closed the door
I was seeing a different doctor from the one I had seen before
I was seeing a specialist, who introduced himself and was very pleasant
Kindly he started explaining my results and looked to me and said sorry like if it was His fault
My body had fallen ill without me even knowing
As I got into the car my tears started overflowing
From then on every other day was the same
My arm would feel the pinch of the needle, and see the faces of many people
Who like me, seemed far from gleeful
My husband and my mother kept me strong in my faith
When to my Lord, I would pray, “You are good always” is all I could say.
Thoughts ran through my mind, what if soon God will take me away?
I looked at my King gummy bear and thought to myself, “life could really be unfair”
That’s where the enemy came with his many voices, trying to kick me further down, when I was already at my lowest
But stronger is my Saviour Jesus Christ, who holds in His hands my entire life,
And can never lose the battle for my soul in this on going fight
He thrusts the enemy before me, and tells me, destroy!
He raises me up and fills me with joy
Having this hope anchored to my soul,
all I need to know is that God is in control
I’ve come to realize that it has been in my state of depression, where I have learned the most important lessons
It’s in these moments where I’ve received my battle wounds and like a lily, I have grown and bloomed.
I may not know what tomorrow holds, but all I need is today
All I need is today to go on my knees and pray
Pray like if it were my last day
The pinch of the needle has left scars on both my arms
Where the enemy wanted to harm, God has used it for me to grow strong
Like Deuteronomy 33:27 says, I will be protected underneath God’s ever lasting arms
In this life, all I know is that it’s my attitude the only thing I can truly control
And to live with a grateful attitude is now always my goal
To be joyous I have many reasons, all thanks to my Lord and Saviour my Christ Jesus.
The pinch of the needle did not win, for God will always have the victory in my life at the end and stronger than ever before I now have risen.

My Friend©
By Glenda Palma
My friend, I come to you today and I do not know what to really say
At times I draw myself away from you; I don’t really know how to approach you
The shame inside my heart and mind is too great, I rather stay far away
I know though as soon as I kneel down to pray, you will speak to me and reassure me that everything will be okay
The days where you seem silent, are the ones where the battles in my mind seem hardest to overcome
Like a beating drum, my heart makes a rhythm each day creating a song that sometimes sounds off tune
This is where I find you, my God who makes everything new, restoring my heart to a new rhythm that gives life to a beautiful song beating to the correct tune
You are my melody and harmony synced together beautifully creating a song that gives life to me
You created a new symphony, that your very own heavenly orchestra played
on the day my life to you I gave.
Reminiscing on this memory, how can I give up? How can I turn away?  You have been my greatest friend in every way I’ve needed
To you I give glory, to you my God who can not be defeated
You cast down my enemies, may your name always be exalted,
Today, my dear friend I sing a song to you
For all that we have gone through
Your hand has triumph every single time
 Never do I want to stray away from what has always been my home
Never do I want to let go of the one who has never left me alone
 A friend becomes a brother during a time of adversary
Soon my Lord is will be our anniversary
We will celebrate the day when all my sins you washed away
My old friend we have come a long way
Thank you for your patience, as I am a slow learner
Even though I was a foreigner, you made me a citizen of your Kingdom
I can not wait for that day when we will all fly away
Like that song says “I can only imagine, what it will be like when I walk by your side”
For now my friend all I can do is worship and praise you from here on earth
I pray my song will reach your heart
One day my friend, soon we will never be apart
Thank you my old friend for your unfailing love
The symphony you made for me in John 3:16, will always be played and forever go on
The words you spoke in John 19:28, will forever be played in my mind
When on the cross you said “It is finished” and You gave up your spirit
On the third day you arose from the dead and walked as a man with the living before you descended into heaven once again
You were pierced for my transgression; you took my punishment upon yourself,
Here I am Lord; I will praise no one else
Thank you Jesus once again for your everlasting love
Thank you my old friend for listening to my off tune song
Slowly as the words were being written I can see your hand administrating
I could feel you putting the song together
Jesus you truly are the one true Savior
My heavenly Composer, the Creator
My Friend,
The one whose song for me will NEVER end.

By. Glenda Palma ©
When the strength in my legs starts to fade away
I will call upon Your name, Jesus
‘I Will Rise’
When my tears suddenly start to shed and can’t stop falling
I will call upon Your name, Jesus
Your hand will be the wiper of my tears
‘I Will Rise’
When my loved ones can’t comfort the hurt in my heart
I will call upon Your name, Jesus
You will come with your healing power
‘I Will Rise’
When I am left alone in the dark of my trials and tribulations
I will call upon Your name, Jesus
Your light will shine down on me
‘I Will Rise’
When the devil tells me I am worthless
I will call upon Your name, Jesus
With words of love you will tell me that you died on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins because I am worth it.
‘I Will Rise’
When I am tempted to do what’s bad
I will call upon Your name, Jesus
You will help me to turn the other way
‘I Will Rise’
When I start to fall
And I don’t call upon Your name, Jesus
You will grab me before I take the fall
‘I Will Rise‘, then
When I have everything in my life, I forget You
And I don’t call upon your name, Jesus
Trouble will come my way and it will show me I still need You
‘I Will Rise‘, then
Whenever I don’t call upon Your name, Jesus
I will find myself in more situations in where I will need to call upon Your name, Jesus
You will still come
‘I Will Rise‘, then
No matter how far I have walked or if I’ve fallen low, I know if I call upon Your name in any matter You will be there to help me RISE. In my heart I know You will always give me the power to say,
‘I Will Rise‘
“Just to be with me, Jesus gave His life, “Here I am Christ”

There Will Be Times. ©
By. Glenda Palma
There will be times……
My tears will overflow with sorrow and cause my vision to become blurry. I will not see through all the pain. My eyes will grow swollen of the many nights I will spend crying. I will grow tired. My legs will become weary. My heart will be pinned with sufferings, but know this heart,
My life will consistently come across trials and tribulations. I will put my cause unto the Lord and feel though He has not put ear to my petition. My soul will feel though the Lord is far from me. My smiles will be harder to form because of the hurt inside of me. My dreams and goals will seem far from reach. My affliction will surround me, but know this fellow friend,
My head will spin in confusion. My voice will continually claim unto the Lord for help. My fellow neighbours will turn on me. My enemies will point their fingers and laugh at my situations. My hands I will be unable to lift. My face I will hide so no one can see the burden I hold. I will be left alone to face my hardships, but know this my enemies,
The devil will taunt me with his lies and chase after my soul. I will be tempted on my own behalf. My poor spirit will feel faint. My sins will cause me to feel that they are too great to be forgiven. My sinful desires will awake to attack me. But know this Satan,
There will be a time…..
My tears will no longer be of sorrow but of Joy. My vision will be clear. My legs will not fail me. My heart will see victory. My soul will be filled with the Holy Spirit.
I will overcome my trials and tribulations. My petition will be answered. I will feel the Lord close to me and smile with great happiness. I will live my dreams and accomplish my goals. Love will surround me.
My head will be lifted and filled with God’s wisdom. My voice will sing PSALMS. My neighbours will become my friends. My enemies will see me rise and soar my wings like the eagle.
My hands will work miracles because the Lord’s power will be poured over me. My face will once again see light. I will have become a soldier who knows how to stand alone.
The devil will tremble and stray away from my soul for now my spirit is stronger in God. I will resist temptation in obedience to the Lord. My sins will have vanished for they have been forgiven.
I will not give in to me sinful desires for the Love of the Lord. The Lord will mold me into the person of his desires. I will stand firm like a mountain.
But, know this fellow reader, all this will be accomplished because

“Yo Soy” ©
Hna. Glenda Palma
Cuando estoy ante Tu altar Tu espíritu contempla mi debilidad.
Tu preciosidad me ilumina la felicidad infinita. Mi corazón en su contentamiento rápidamente palpita. Mis lágrimas fluyen con mucha alegría.
Mi alma por dentro danza en el espíritu. Si tengo frió Tu amor abrazo y una vez más me aseguro en Tus brazos.
Mis ojos observan Tu Hermosura y Te admiro por Tu gran ternura. Mis dolores se desvanecen y Tu espíritu me sostiene.
Los miles de problemas que vienen contra mi cayeran a mi lado y los diez miles a mi diestra (Salmo 91:7). Tú me demuestras que eres el único quien pude levantar mi cabeza y libarme de todos mis problemas (Salmo 3:3).
Para que mis pies no se deslicen Tus Ángeles has mandado alrededor de mí para que me cuiden (Salmo 91:11).
Hermano, Jesús esta a nuestro lado y en nosotros sus hijos se ha glorificado. Pues en quien en el ha creído le ha dado potestad de ser hechos sus hijos (Juan 1:12).
Somos lavados por la sangre del Cordero. Jesús es el Dios verdadero y las profecías del Apocalipsis revelan esto.
Cuando Juan cayó como muerto a sus pies a verlo, Jesús el poderoso guerrero declaro esto “No Temas; Yo Soy El Primero y El Ultimo; y El que Vivo, y Estuve muerto; mas he aquí que Vivo por los siglos de los siglos, amen. (Apoc 1:17-18)”
Los muros de Jericó caen, porque el que tiene las llaves de la muerte y del Hades, no hay quien lo pare. El León de la tribu de Judá saldrá y destruyera toda maldad y enfermedad. Y un día nos llevara a un lugar donde reinara la paz.
Dios estará sentado en su trono y enjugará toda lágrima de nuestros ojos (Apoc 21:4). Esta es una promesa fiel y verdadera. Jesús, quien hace todas las cosas nuevas, conoce por nombre a todas sus ovejas.
Su voz es como un relámpago que hace temblar el mar y hace el corazón de los hombres quebrantar. Y en el habita corporalmente toda la plenitud de la Deidad (Col 2:9).
Confía en Dios y el te alumbrara tu verdadera identidad. Cuando el enemigo venga a confundirte Tú vencerás si pronuncias con fe el nombre de Jesús. El enemigo huirá de tu lado cuando dejas que el Espíritu Santo se haga cargo de tus pensamientos y veras que serás liberado de todo argumento.
Cuando éramos esclavos del pecado y andábamos en medio de la potestad de las tinieblas Jesús vino y arranco nuestras cadenas. Y nuestra alma que estaba muerta la revivo e hico que fluyeran dentro de nosotros ríos de agua viva.
Ha puesto nuestra boca como espada aguda (Is 49:2). Y nos ha dicho “Clama a voz en cuello, no te detengas; alza tu voz como trompeta, y anuncia a mi pueblo su rebelión, y la casa de Jacob su pecado (Is 58:1)”.
El nos ha cubierto con la sombra de Su mano. Levántate y anda porque no eres cojo. Para este mundo pecador parecemos locos pero esto es nuestro gozo, que seamos salvos por aquel que se entrego completamente hasta la muerte por amor a nosotros.
Talvez nos encontramos derribados pero no destruidos, porque Dios no nos ha desamparado (2 Co 4:9). En el día malo nos ha cargado sobre la arena, por eso solo hay un par de huellas en los tiempos de pruebas.
Porque como esta escrito, “Pelearan contra ti, pero no te vencerán porque yo estoy contigo, dice Jehová, para librarte (Jer 1:19)” Dios es el único que liberara al afligido del mas fuerte (Salmo 35:10).
Pelearan contra el Codero y El Cordero los vencerá (Apoc 17:14). Isaías profetizo, “se llamara su nombre Admirable, Consejero, Dios Fuerte, Padre Eterno, Príncipe de Paz. (Is 9:6)”. Esto se cumplió cuando Jesús de Nazaret nació (Luc 2:11) Aunque el mundo no lo quiera creer, la verdad es que Jesús es quien el dijo ser “Yo Soy”. (Juan 8:58 y Éxodo 3:14-15)
By. Glenda Palma